Pink Skate

Shooting by Matteo Cherubino and Irene De Santis.

Matteo Cherubino is a freelance photographer and video maker who lives in Milan. He has collaborated with magazines such as Vogue Homme Japan, Io Donna, D La Repubblica, Glamour Italia, Wumagazine and he has realized several fashion videos, the most recent are the advertising campaign for KOONHOR, the emerging Korean stylists.

Irene De Santis, a stylist based in Milan with a past as a ballerina, has worked with different Italian and foreign designers and photographers.

Irene’s styling has been published by WU magazineTheones2Watch, Deluxxdigital, Prim Magazine, Supplementaire Magazine, Vanity Teen, Vanity Fair POSH and KULT. She usually draws her inspiration from music, especially from the 80s punk, cinema and feelings.

PINK SKATE is the result of Matteo and Irene’s creative encounter.

Photographer: Matteo Cherubino

Stylist: Irene De Santis

Make Up: Sabina Zaiello

Model: Ieve Birzina @Next Milano


Look 1:

Leather and silk gilet and necklace, Ilaria Nistri

Sheer shirt, Cristina Miraldi

Washed silk brown dress, Misuraca

Glitter brogues, Robert Clergerie

Look 2:

Shirt and skirt, Daniele Carlotta

Dress worn as jacket, Boy. by Band of Outsiders

Leather bracelet, Balenciaga

Leather wedges, Icone

Look 3:

Double-breasted jacket, Band of Outsiders

Batwing tulle shirt, Persy

Pleated skirt with leather suspenders, Marios

Leather and lurex belt, Ilaria Nistri

Leather wedges, Icone

Look 4:

Jacket with removable shoulders, Marios

Silk dress, Daniele Carlotta

Leather wedges, Icone

Look 5:

Jacket with removable shoulders, Marios

Silk dress, Daniele Carlotta

Necklace, Ilaria Nistri

Look 6:

Beige and black top, Misuraca

Dress, Daniele Carlotta

Necklace, Ilaria Nistri

Leather bracelets, Baleciaga and Fiona Paxton

Brogues, Robert Clergerie

Look 7:

Printed minidress, 1.Dark Level

Chiffon dress with slashes, Daniele Carlotta

Brogues, Robert Clergerie

Belt, Dries Van Noten

Straw floppy hat, Marzi

Look 8:

Silk shirt, Vince

Blouse, Kaos

Skirt, Daniele Carlotta

5/25/2012 BY

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